Things of Mine (Links)

i weave this page of gauzy optimism….



Radium Girls A Collection by Amanda Gowin, 2014 Thunderdome Press


Gutted: Beautiful Horror Edited by Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward, coming 2016 Crystal Lake Publishing – including my story “Cellar’s Dog” as well as work by Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Paul Tremblay, Damien Angelica Walters, Richard Thomas and more…

Exigencies: A Neo-Noir Anthology Edited by Richard Thomas, 2015 Dark House Press – including my story “The Owl and the Cigarette”

Burnt Tongues An Anthology Edited by Chuck Palahniuk, Richard Thomas and Dennis Widmyer, 2014 Medallion Press – including my story “The Line Forms on the Right”

The Booked. Anthology Edited by Pela Via, 2013 – including my story “Short Tendon”

Nova Parade An Anthology Edited by Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, 2012 Solarcide Press – including my story “Charlotte and Jolene Make a Baby”

cutaway A Collection Edited by Craig Pay and Max Schofield, 2012 – including my story “The Cabbage Muse”

In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words (LA1K) An Anthology Edited by Michael Gonzalez, 2011 Thunderdome Press – including my story “Gilded Bones”

Warmed and Bound A Velvet Anthology Edited by Pela Via, 2011 Velvet Press – including my story “The World Was Clocks”


Menacing Hedge Co-Fiction Editor joining Craig Wallwork, beginning with the Winter 2016 Edition

Menacing Hedge Guest Fiction Editor, Spring 2013 – Featuring Kate Velguth, Court Merrigan, James Chang and artwork by Ryan Case

Cipher Sisters  An Anthology from Thunderdome Press – Edited by Michael Gonzalez and Amanda Gowin – including my story “Asymmetry”


“Stranger Skin in NAILED Magazine

Mother Says” in Microfiction Monday

Tin Man  in Thunderdome

Teetotaler in Thunderdome

Fever  in Thunderdome 

Taps in Blink Ink Issue # 7:

TrotlinesMenacing Hedge Spring 2012

First and Last Scene in Blackheart Magazine


Booked: from The Warmed and Bound Sessions: Episode #21 Amanda Gowin

Craig Wallwork: Zombie Interview #2: Amanda Gowin

Booked: Zombie Extravaganza Spectacular (featuring guest hosts Amanda Gowin and Chris Deal)

Booked Episode #87: Fifty Shades of Grey (featuring guest host Amanda Gowin)

TW Brown: So You Want to Be a Guest on My Blog? October 16, 2013

Books & Booze: Episode #66: Amanda Gowin

Booked Episode #209:  Review of ‘Radium Girls’ plus author interview with me!

Booked Episode #225: Halloween Spookedtacular! Guests Jesse Lawrence and Amanda Gowin


Curiouser and Curiouser:

Vitaly S. Alexus interviewed by Amanda Gowin, Menacing Hedge Winter 2013

Ryan Case interviewed by Amanda Gowin, Menacing Hedge Spring 2013

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