Cipher Sister Pre-Order (Have It in Your Hands by August)


the time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things….

like the fact that Cipher Sisters available for pre-order as of this very minute. and not the “Wait forever then pay shipping and handling!” kind. i’m talking the “Toss in a bit of cash at the Thunderdome Indiegogo page and that’s it, books will magically appear.”

here’s the page:

WASTE NO MORE TIME! Order your book, spread the word, enjoy your summer.

I’m happy as an… oyster? fits with the above quote 😉 off to warm waters for the day!

i love you, each and every one….


(click this link for the Cipher Sisters Table of Contents post! )

The Ides of March: ‘Cipher Sister’ Table of Contents Floats to the Surface….



Cipher Sister

Table of Contents

Darcy and Lucy among the Flowers by Alexander Davis

 Lucky by DB Cox

 The Cipher Sisters and Kid Nosferatu Dance the Bally-Kooch by Edward Morris

 Mickey Slim by Chris Deal

 A Witch in West Kansas by W.P. Johnson

 Mercy by Rebecca Brown

 1951 by Matt McGee

There’s no Business Like BLANK by Xander Stronach

That’s Showbiz by Jason Lee

1971 by Ken Goudey

Real Lookers by Audrey Hare

Dance, Darling by Richard Thomas

Regular Earharts by Andrew McElrath

You & Me by Adam Autin

Saga Sideshow by Tone Baker

 Chance Meeting at the Back of the Apollo Theatre, Harlem, NYC by Sek Han Foo

Asymmetry by Amanda Gowin

 Sister is the Sister by Edward J Rathke 

ThunderDome REVAMPED!

Thunderdome just had an overhaul. The site is sexy and easy to navigate, and there are lots of new projects – wander around:

keep peeking around for news – i’m about to become a co-editor. so far that job has entailed digging up pretty photos from my hard drive, but i have a feeling it’s going to get a BIT more intense than that. for now, here are the updated links for my stories in the Thunderdome:



“Tin Man”

Congrats, Mike, on a site well done!

LA1K hits ebook form! In Search of a City: Los Angeles In 1000 Words


seriously, it’s $2.99 and this is what you get:

Table of Contents

Ryan Wilson – “American Trash”

 Stuart Gibbel – “Break on Through”

 Craig Clevenger – “Obsolescence”

 Nik Korpon – “South of Thirteen”

 Dennis Cruz – “Smile Now, Cry Later”

 Pela Via – “Bathhouse”

 Stephen Conley – “Don’t Feed the Animals”

 Grigori Black – “This Was Heaven”

 Doc O’Donnell – “Your Personal Apocalypse”

 Nikki Guerlain – “Sick Ticket”

 Patrick Verhagen – “Swim”

 Craig Wallwork – “El Bordello Alexandra”

 Nicholas Merlin Karpuk – “Ahm’s Bay”

 Nik Houser – “Subtitles for a Silent Film”

 H.R. Tardiff – “Walls in the Sand”

 Richard Thomas – “The Jenny Store”

Bob Pastorella – “Alexandra”

 Simon West-Bulford – “Project Asmodeus”

 Jay Slayton-Joslin – “The Fantasy of California vs. The Reality of London”

 Amanda Gowin – “Gilded Bones”

Chris Deal – “Padre Nuestro”

 Boden Steiner – “Here”

 Gordon Highland – “Fry Girl”

 edward j rathke – “All the Dreams You Dreamt Retold”

 Michael Paul Gonzalez – “Tidal”

 Victor Bengtsson – “Venice, Forever”

Thunderdome – “In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words” – the anthology is coming…

that’s right. it’s almost here. like, think near Thanksgiving. it’ll be available through amazon and the thundadome site. it will feature 26 incredible stories by 26 incredible authors, each of those stories in some way about L.A., each of those stories exactly 1,000 words long. and overflowing with incredible photographs by the editor himself, one Mr. Michael Gonzalez. so, this holiday season you now have something else to be thankful for: a picture book with awesome stories. here’s a sneak peek photo:

i’m not even going to name-drop on the authors included. that will come soon enough. for now, i give you just this one photo, and the imagined sound of me dancing in my socks on linoleum while singing (poorly) ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips…

Bunnies, Rats, Ferrets and Me by Doc O’Donnell

Death Knell by Richard Thomas

Sepp by J David Osborne

Here Is Nowhere by Edward J Rathke

Tin Man by Amanda Gowin

Truckstop Magic by Chris Deal 

Mr. Wadsworth and the Flea Circus by Craig Wallwork






 Mr. Wadsworth and the Flea Circus

(first in a series of 8 stories/posts on Thundadome featuring authors from Warmed and Bound – next on Monday, by Chris Deal!! also i’ll be doing the accompanying site photos for the stories – EXCEPT this one, sorry craig, i begged in late for the job)


rain rythm

they say there will be twisters and hail and mayhem and sideways wind and monsters and flash floods and families of bigfoots (don’t believe that’s the correct pluralization? please check out this awesome documentary by Jay Delaney, Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, now streaming on netflix – if they don’t know about Bigfoot in Portsmouth, OH, then who does?? the fish glow in that place) forced to relocate to higher land, forming a long line of chewbacca-like silhoettes in the distance – but no one will see any of this, due to the STORM and the twisters and the witches and cows in trees…

so they say. i just hear steady spring rain, that dictates the tv and radio be OFF.

turns out i like doing ten things at once, provided they all involve a keyboard or an ink pen. i’m a happy clam. between the movie, some shorts i fixed up for Nefarious Muse, a brewing thing at Thunderdome, random dancing every time i think of the Velvet Anthology, my little brain feels tingly right behind the eyes.

adam fell asleep in under 4 seconds. the last puppy found a home. i love my husband. i wish i could be the receptionist at dollstar. my kid picked up ten very mundane then extraordinary rocks once he explained to me what they like and when asked by mike what was up, adam answered “it’s mommy’s collection.”

nyquil and exhaustion are making me contemplate a 6 dollar pink alice in wonderland t-shirt far longer than it need be pondered. that’s my cue to sign off for the night….

pertinent links:

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie:

Nefarious Muse:


Warmed And Bound:

Resurrection: Thunderdome, Issue 3

okay, so i didn’t write anything in this issue, but i took all the pictures – that’s little man’s hand:

The Ides of March: Thunderdome, Issue 2

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