The Booked. Anthology as Discussed by ManArchy on the Last Day….

ManArchy is winding down, but the people behind the curtains – a ‘group’ of constantly in flux and in love group of writers, readers, and general lovers of all things they truly believe are cool (like writing and reading) shall sally forth!

One of the projects born of love and conversation is The Booked. Anthology, compiled by Robb Olson and Livius Nedin, edited by Pela Via. I have a story in there. So do most of the lovelies I’ve mentioned in this blog, and whose names run down the side of these posts in the blogroll.

Pela siad “Let’s talk about the Booked. Anthology and turn it into an article.”

The link leads to a typical example of what happens when any topic is introduced.

I love my writing peeps.

I still can’t believe I have writing peeps….

ManArchy Staff on The Booked. Anthology: A Very Open Conversation


Warmed and Bound Goes Hollywood


Release Party Eve

around midnight, i’m sitting on the couch with my suitcase next to me (closed to keep the damned cat out) charging my camera battery, killing time…

i put everything in my tote in ziploc baggies. seriously,once you get started with that regulation shit you can’t stop. it’s like, well, if you need to see my toothpaste and concealer then i will use that excuse to be able to easily locate my phone charger.

quite a group. trying not to be distracted by stupid shit like layovers and don’t-forget lists and not getting laid (you know who you are) and alliteration. i need sleep, and to not drink on the plane. i need to arrive without that dolly parton lipstick look.

my shoes are so pretty i want to take pictures of them.

i might not be cool enough to go, but i’m definitely dorky enough. and in addition to being cool these are a bunch of lovable raging dorks. making the world worthwhile in crisp and unfamiliar dress-up clothes, scribbling in secret and confessing on the internet, throwing paper in the wind and pulling ourselves from our comfort zones – with a distinct velcro sound – to meet intimate strangers and giggle uncomfortably until the words start to flow. this will be a night of overlapping and fervent conversations, and i would bet ten bucks (anyone taking?) at least one child is conceived.

anyone wants to talk about the X-files or why alex trebek IS in fact not only a suitable but IDEAL life partner, i’m your girl. wanna buy me a jack and coke? also your girl.

holy shit. i’m excited. if i had a better word i would use it. maybe if it were capitalized:



Bunnies, Rats, Ferrets and Me by Doc O’Donnell

Death Knell by Richard Thomas

Sepp by J David Osborne

Here Is Nowhere by Edward J Rathke

Tin Man by Amanda Gowin

Mr. Wadsworth and the Flea Circus by Craig Wallwork






 Mr. Wadsworth and the Flea Circus

(first in a series of 8 stories/posts on Thundadome featuring authors from Warmed and Bound – next on Monday, by Chris Deal!! also i’ll be doing the accompanying site photos for the stories – EXCEPT this one, sorry craig, i begged in late for the job)


Books & Pirates

this weekend could be the peak of my summer.

who am i kidding?? this weekend IS the peak of my summer.

wait – the Release Party is coming up. holy hell – how is this ALL happening in one summer? next summer is fucked. it might as well give up and plan now, in its sour grapes way, on just being lazy and quiet.

while Warmed and Bound was shocking the hell out of us all by being so damned respectable and beautiful, i was running around in the sun dressed as a pirate. and my family of pirates were buying books, bless their hearts. out of the box, i have 4 left.

i love the world.

Warmed and Bound (The Babe With the Power)

aaawwwwwww, yeah. a whole box. they smell like sex and cigarettes and macaroni and cheese…

i have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.

Warmed And Bound: release date & cover photos – and too much back story

all right. i’ve run in circles, peed a little, danced the dance of Cinderella’s stepmother in the hot iron shoes – only, if that were a happy experience – carried the kitten to the bathroom because she’s afraid of the dark, put the kiddo to bed and sang Suzanne Vega to him until my throat is ragged, planned the things i want to say to my husband at 2am about his unwavering faith in me … i think i’m ready to sit still for a moment and say “Holy shit. This book. How the hell did I end up in this book?”

it will be available FRIDAY JULY 22nd for $15.95 on (ebook details soon)

and the book – these people – go meet these people:

and the book site – get over there, too, that’s where the NEWS lives:

under the photos in this post lives the little acorn of misery, love and inspiration that led to the girls that led me by the hand into this book….

i’m going to be doing a few questions for Jay Slayton Joslin (along with the other amazing people in this list) but here’s the extended and sappy answer to ‘the’ question:

Where did I get the story?

the answer is ugly. think a new baby and insomnia and a sister you rarely see but miss painfully – and think total seething anger for this sister, because in your head is this beautiful ethereal duo tapping their toes and waiting to be drawn in the shapes of letters. they have nothing to do with your family issues. all you can do is resent the bitterness you do NOT want to bleed into this innocence. so you miss your sister. and bite your cuticles and have recurring dreams about peculiar trees. what happens? giving in, what always happens…. you can tie off your fingers at the first digit but the story will only hold so long. the twist ties and kite string snap and through the blood under your fingernails, you watch the core of a something indescribably beautiful take shape in the hate and love and need – and the trees. “The World Was Clocks.”

three years later, everything has changed – but Heather, this story was always for you.

Warmed and Bound – A Velvet Anthology (here it comes, here it comes, here it comes….)

…. well, almost. proofs exist.

JULY is the projected release date – so watch me dance!!!

Warmed and Bound – A Velvet Anthology: Author List Announced

wanna see me pee with excitement??? didn’t think so.

instead, check out (and subscribe to!)  this new page for news about the upcoming release of the anthology.

for now, check out the bios. i’m in there. you believe that? me either.