Well Hey, September

And in a blink, summer disappeared!

It’s cool, though. I’ve been selling jewelry and being Mom, and as the leaves get crinkly and the toads disappear I’ll slide back into my writer-bubble and my skin will feel settled again….

Speaking of!!

The last week I’ve had a good run.

Firstly, Kevin Catalano did an article for Entropy Magazine about 25 Badass Female Short Story Writers, and BOOM! I was in there. Click the link to the article for sure, because all these females kick some short story ass and there are links galore to their stories for proof of their prowess, including to my story “Teetotaler.”

5 + 20 Female Short Story Writers You Should Be Reading RIGHT NOW



And then today I sorta accidentally found out my story “The Line Forms on the Right” from the Burnt Tongues anthology (edited by Chuck Palahniuk, Richard Rhomas and Dennis Widmyer, Medallion Press) was Long-Listed for the Best Horror of the Year, Volume 7, edited by Ellen Datlow. Not only were some of my bestest and most favorite writing peeps on the list, but also the likes of Caitlin Kiernan and Etgar Kerat! I fully realize there are a lot of names on there (it’s called a ‘long list’) but that’s just more good company to be in. Check this out:

Full Rec List – Best Horror of the Year,Volume Seven, edited by Ellen Datlow


And of course get the ACTUAL REAL VOLUME SEVEN, it’s obviously amazing. As is Burnt Tongues, which had SEVEN stories on the long list!! The link for BT is in the Links tab above.

I’m a happy girl!!

More news to come, but we’ll talk about that in October. For now, I’ll leave you with a little Bobby Darin – the song that inspired my story in Burnt Tongues, and one of my favorites of all time.

Love to you all!! ❤️



Radium Girls and the “Hush Release”

Radium Girls is my upcoming collection from Thunderdome Press, set for release late this spring, no later than my 35th birthday on June 5th. It will include short stories both previously published and unpublished, a couple of co-written stories with friends, some flash, disguised truth, an email or two, and a novella called The Pink Manatee. It will be a patchwork of photos and genres.

I’m excited! I want to hold this book in my hands, shake it in my teeth, imagine it poking from between couch cushions, from under mattresses, gathering condensation rings on end tables, covered in underlines with ink, pencil, crayons, dog-eared, loved.

But the idea of promotion makes me twitch like my 5lb dog. Information on the progress of Radium Girls, and how to buy once it is available will be easy to find, but I’m going to try things -this “promotion” thing – a quieter way. Sometimes it’s easier to filch an honest piece of conversation than to re-shape thoughts. Below is a copy/paste from an email to a friend (that I’m leaving anonymous because it seems the polite thing to do!):

“I’m ‘inventing’ something new to promote Radium Girls, which is basically the freedom to not over-promote it or pressure people to promote it. I’m going to call it a “Hush Release” and will feature no events, no giveaways, no Facebook and Twitter over-saturation, no asking to link share or pms, Dms or emails informing people and asking them to spread the word, no huge release date, no build-up, no plays for reviews. It WILL feature a steady but unobtrusive sharing of information about the book itself, the leaving of all online stories that are in the collection STILL online, links, pictures, information on how to buy, but absolutely no BANG POP WOW LOOK AT THIS HEY HEY LOOK AT THIS. I feel pretty good about it. Going to do a blog post about the collection, and about the Hush Release approach, on Tuesday, with a couple pictures and links to online stories I might include. My hope is that the IDEA of a Hush Release will catch on with people, or at least be a breath of fresh air whether they buy the thing or not. I refuse to stress about it. Being totally honest with myself I realized it’s why I was dragging my feet to finish the whole thing. The release was actually putting me off it, the idea of jumping into that promotion machine. That’s a horrible way to feel about releasing a collection – and my first collection! So I’m just skipping all that so I can enjoy it!! What do you think?”



ThunderDome REVAMPED!

Thunderdome just had an overhaul. The site is sexy and easy to navigate, and there are lots of new projects – wander around:


keep peeking around for news – i’m about to become a co-editor. so far that job has entailed digging up pretty photos from my hard drive, but i have a feeling it’s going to get a BIT more intense than that. for now, here are the updated links for my stories in the Thunderdome:

“Teetotaler” http://thunderdomemag.com/component/k2/item/44-teetotaler

“Fever” http://thunderdomemag.com/component/k2/item/25-fever

“Tin Man”  http://thunderdomemag.com/collections/the-collective-speaks/writers-in-residence-warmed-and-bound/item/100-tin-man

Congrats, Mike, on a site well done!