A New Year, In Photos



the last one is of mine today, you can see that it’s red – i don’t have a picture of heather’s since she got the stencilling off it.

the night was one of those that actually felt significant – weird. most important things can only be felt in a nostalgic sense, but we felt the happy gravity of one of the few remaining “sister outings” while life is still somehwhat familiar. maybe a narrative will follow at some point later. maybe the pictures and keeping the memories to myself and heather is the way to go.

A Motley Crew

Dream a Lil Dream

tuesday afternoon (insert moody blues here)

it’s not sunny, but it doesn’t FEEL nearly as dreary as it actually is, which i take as a good sign. i am in some sort of post-employed euphoria, maybe. a week and a half (translated into training and two sales shifts) as an employed person, and i’ve still got the euphoria!

things are looking sad and dead. the mornings are cooler. we sleep under covers. monday the first school bus went by, which is a HUGE morning event. autumn is on its way.

friday i couldn’t decide how to fix things, and decided the best thing was to clean myself and adam up and go to El-Bee and give notice in person. angela messaged me that she wanted to come visit, and accepted my offer to come along to my resignation. she looked at posters from a maurice sendak book (that she’d brought us) with adam while i mailed christine’s package.

it’s wrong, but a toddler with large blue eyes makes a lovely prop. i went to human resources and adam batted his eyelashes and i got out of all my shifts with no hard feelings. returned the heels and bought adam some fall clothes while i still had the employee discount and got the hell out of there.

the euphoria has been pretty consistent since then….

sporadically exploring a box of old cameras and lenses that belonged to angela’s grandpa – i have to be sly, adam knows everything in that box is shiny/has gears or buttons. i get that. that’s why i can’t stay out of it either.

saturday eric and i went to maysville for the tattooing, DEAR GOD. apparently when others are nervous i become a psychotic person, handing out jolly ranchers and potato chips – there’s a lobby, and in it was a girl on her 18th birthday (old for 18 – skinny, red hair, seen a lot but with that naive “by god or the right man i shall overcome my obstacles and my station in life” shy/hopeful smile) and her 27 yr old bucktoothed meshy coordinated athletic jersey/shorts/hat pale blue outfit combo with spotless white low top clunky nike-wearing boyfriend. he was embarassing all of us, not by his super-young girlfriend, but by his twitchy vomity color-changing pussiness. she was embarassed. her oversized rednecky friend that was there for who-knows-what reason on their special matching-tattoo day was embarassed. i was embarassed. eric was embarassed. so i gave everyone candy and rambled and admitted it was our first tattoo, too. it was a relief when she was sent home for an ID and he was ushered into a room.

nothing says romance like a generic romantic phrase in a basketball. or in her case, a star. info-gathering afterwards revealed their ages, the fact he did in fact go through with it, and that she burst into tears halfway through. it doesn’t take a genius to realize not much of that was about tattoos. representations of permanence freak people out – and reveal the freak-out to others.

eric has balls. 4 1/2hrs of tattooing. mine was 15 minutes, JJ didn’t even charge me. it was a crazy/good/different day. i think we are just redneck enough to actually have bonded over tattoo-getting…..

oh! in case anyone halfway local happens to stumble onto this: Doll Star Tattoo, Maysville, KY. 

i don’t mind getting up with eric at 5am to put aquaphor on his back before he goes to work, it’s actually been nice to see him in the morning. adam has been waked by this, so i wake up nose to nose with him, and that’s pretty awesome.

heather will be back around sep13th.

adam is watching the care bears movie, his head is tilted, he’s ready for a nap.

there’s no color to the sky. that will be fine once the leaves turn to balance it out….