When the Saints Go Marching In…

(Alex is an AWESOME teacher!)

What We Need Is More Phooootoooos….


Once Upon a Time…


me: tell me a story.

adam: once up on a time, there was a LIZARD! that was half a lizard and half a PERSON! and when you petted him on his head he went to all lizard, THREE lizards, then when you stopped he popped back up as a BOY! well the next day he did. and this was all by the desert. THEN – in seven years, he turned into a BAT! with sparkles! do you know what color the sparkles were? do you? silver! and he had a BIG nose, big as his face, big as my sock puppet’s nose but bigger – big as three bats! big as this (spreads arms). well, really as tall as the ceiling.

me: did you just fart on my lap?

adam: i was telling you something. he farted a lot. that’s part of the story…..



Branch of the Storytelling Tree…

Happy Father’s Day, Eric

“The child is father of the man.”
William Wordsworth


there were nuthatches on the birdfeeder when we woke. that’s the best thing i’ve seen in a long time…

things are coming awake. i’m coming awake. eric is coming awake. adam is… well, poor thing is benefiting from the end of hibernation.

job change on the horizon for mi esposo very soon, his eyes are bluer and he sleeps better as a result. and i sleep better as a result. and adam sleeps better as a result of the bluer eyes – if daddy is happy, adam is happy.

yesterday was library storytime, there was a valentine’s day party. i had my first taste of primal animal protectiveness when i left him in an entirely different room on a rug with 15 strange children. he is large. he is grown up. he attends storygroups. he gets valentines from little girls, in a little paper sack covered with stickers and his name written on it in magic marker. he gets approached by little girls from the group in mcdonald’s. little girls with blond hair dart from unknown places to tell my son hello.

seriously, at one point he didn’t have teeth, i swear.

birthday party on sunday. i forgot to send the invitations, i’ve been frantically soliciting RSVPs via email. looks like i squeaked by again, everyone seems to be coming.  what a fiasco the party will be- i hate this sort of thing. oh well. not about me.  adam will have an awesome time – there’s a “bouncy bean” so it’s bound to be a success.

taken some rejections, they sting less and less. my confidence grows. got a non-answer from a lady whose opinion meant more than the story rejection that came moments after her email, and i was able to read the rejection with a huge smile and a “what the hell do you know?”  attitude.


and on the heels of that horrible language, here are some photos adam took this week on his playskool camera:

the things i’ve seen in january….

yes, Magneto IS in that Nativity scene. as well as a dinosaur. earlier today the baby Jesus was playing in an unoccupied terrarium with two sheep a helicopter, and a cow…..

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