Happy Halloween Week! Radium Girls ebook FREE!! Trick-or-Treat!

I can’t hand out fun size Snickers or Pixie Stix through the interwebs, so for Halloween I’ll hand out the best thing I’ve got to give cyber-wise, which is the Radium Girls ebook! Please, take one, and pass the link along to your friends. Think of it as sharing a Twix but the Twix magically regenerates so you still get the whole thing…

Click the picture of Sid Haig (HOLDING A COPY OF RADIUM GIRLS!!) to be magically transported to your free copy:


What We Need Is More Phooootoooos….


All In the Family: 9 Family Values in House of 1,000 Corpses (in ManArchy Magazine)

I’ve been waiting YEARS for an excuse to have this conversation outside my own head, so click on over!!