The Filthiest Scene in the History of Television


oh, Jim….

The Woman in Black

Warmed and Bound – A Velvet Anthology (here it comes, here it comes, here it comes….)

…. well, almost. proofs exist.

JULY is the projected release date – so watch me dance!!!

gratuitous visual post

Muscle Brain

i think i like writing sci-fi. i think i like it a lot. beth and i are just getting rolling on a screenplay for martin, and jesus it’s fun. no boundaries. and i LOVE working with her. it’s like boxing and synchronized swimming all at the same time. i don’t what the hell that even means, only that working on this project makes my brain tired and happy. i’ve been working on a lot of shit lately that makes my brain tired and happy.

eric reeeeeally wanted to see jackass 3, and he said it was because he thought it would be super funny, but i know that at least some of it was motivated deep down to make me STOP seeing  johnny knoxville as a dirty sex machine. see, i don’t like jackass. not interested in seeing  johnny knoxville or anybody else for that matter do that stupid shit. i remember when my love for him solidified – it as that damned poster.

black and white poster, shirtless, low-slung jeans, elvis glasses, and fucking taser cords attached to his chest. i didn’t care who he was, i just knew i wanted to be holding the gun… i stick to his movie appearances – that one with the Rock, and the spectacular John Waters’  “A Dirty Shame.” oh, Ray-Ray.

i’m not saying i wouldn’t spend the morning after a Fun Night with mr. johnny knoxville in the shower with a scouring pad and a bottle of bleach while my sheets burned in a dumpster, i’m just also not saying i would turn that night down if the opportunity presented itself.

so, the recurring  johnny knoxville dreams are back. i just turned away from the gross stuff and focused on whether he looked better in black or red chucks during the other scenes.

my brain is tired. gonna watch the Fighter. 

i like girls