Video: Amanda Gowin at Sylvester Memorial Library

the video!!! took forever to get this mess uploaded. i realize it’s an hour long, but at least stick around long enough for the church fire anecdote… plus i read a story. mainly i ramble. but i think it turned out pretty well! 

rain rythm

they say there will be twisters and hail and mayhem and sideways wind and monsters and flash floods and families of bigfoots (don’t believe that’s the correct pluralization? please check out this awesome documentary by Jay Delaney, Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, now streaming on netflix – if they don’t know about Bigfoot in Portsmouth, OH, then who does?? the fish glow in that place) forced to relocate to higher land, forming a long line of chewbacca-like silhoettes in the distance – but no one will see any of this, due to the STORM and the twisters and the witches and cows in trees…

so they say. i just hear steady spring rain, that dictates the tv and radio be OFF.

turns out i like doing ten things at once, provided they all involve a keyboard or an ink pen. i’m a happy clam. between the movie, some shorts i fixed up for Nefarious Muse, a brewing thing at Thunderdome, random dancing every time i think of the Velvet Anthology, my little brain feels tingly right behind the eyes.

adam fell asleep in under 4 seconds. the last puppy found a home. i love my husband. i wish i could be the receptionist at dollstar. my kid picked up ten very mundane then extraordinary rocks once he explained to me what they like and when asked by mike what was up, adam answered “it’s mommy’s collection.”

nyquil and exhaustion are making me contemplate a 6 dollar pink alice in wonderland t-shirt far longer than it need be pondered. that’s my cue to sign off for the night….

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Ambrose Bierce: Author of the Day

(stealing this “something a day” format directly from delaney – and figuring i might as well be educational about it. i’ll do an Author of the Day, including a photo, quote, and trivia tidbit. i be learnin’)

“All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.”

from Meigs County, Ohio!!!  he drew topographical maps during the Civil War as an enlisted man, was also shot in the head.

in 1913, he disappeared…..

hope this was enough to pique interest – now dig for yourselves, please…..