and it begins!!

i think spring might finally be here. the sun shines, birds sing, cheshire cat eats the food eric slips out for her, nests are full, grass green..

snapshot: minnie mouse on the couch beside me seemngly holding a light saber, adam is playing with daddy in the bed “you be a kitty and i’ll be a LION!” or “you be a puppy and i’ll be lady gaga!” they laugh and i love morning. i have coffee and my hair is very glamour shots from restless sleep. socks don’t match. there’s a third of a banana somewhere, adam was holding it before he climbed in bed. note to self: track down banana.

adam has returned. “do all cars got mouths? do all cars got lights?”  a serious discussion in bed this morning while adam climbed daddy’s legs like a rollercoaster revealed: i would be C3Po. eric would be Obi Wan. the discussion changes but the result is always the same…

worked late with beth last night. we are knocking this storyline out! hope to have some finished pro-looking presentation stuff at the beginning of the week. we have characters, setting, main plot points (most of them), a sense of 3 acts, and a definite beginning and end (plus alternate ending!). we rock.

75  events the next couple weeks. that’s an exaggeration, but we have a wedding and a Bear Toons Show on saturday, storygroup easter party tuesday, reptile night at the library thursday, kenworth easter egg hunt saturday, mom church easter egg hunt following wednesday, eric tattoo saturday, easter service sunday… there’s more but i’m bored of it and adam is taking pictures of minnie.

happy spring!! we’ll be outside today!!

Muscle Brain

i think i like writing sci-fi. i think i like it a lot. beth and i are just getting rolling on a screenplay for martin, and jesus it’s fun. no boundaries. and i LOVE working with her. it’s like boxing and synchronized swimming all at the same time. i don’t what the hell that even means, only that working on this project makes my brain tired and happy. i’ve been working on a lot of shit lately that makes my brain tired and happy.

eric reeeeeally wanted to see jackass 3, and he said it was because he thought it would be super funny, but i know that at least some of it was motivated deep down to make me STOP seeing  johnny knoxville as a dirty sex machine. see, i don’t like jackass. not interested in seeing  johnny knoxville or anybody else for that matter do that stupid shit. i remember when my love for him solidified – it as that damned poster.

black and white poster, shirtless, low-slung jeans, elvis glasses, and fucking taser cords attached to his chest. i didn’t care who he was, i just knew i wanted to be holding the gun… i stick to his movie appearances – that one with the Rock, and the spectacular John Waters’  “A Dirty Shame.” oh, Ray-Ray.

i’m not saying i wouldn’t spend the morning after a Fun Night with mr. johnny knoxville in the shower with a scouring pad and a bottle of bleach while my sheets burned in a dumpster, i’m just also not saying i would turn that night down if the opportunity presented itself.

so, the recurring  johnny knoxville dreams are back. i just turned away from the gross stuff and focused on whether he looked better in black or red chucks during the other scenes.

my brain is tired. gonna watch the Fighter. 

dorothy parker (and then some)

“And sweet’s the air with curly smoke, From all my burning bridges.”

ooooooh, february has been HUGE. going into march with all this newness. my moods are five minute whirlwinds of euphoria turning to rage turning to despair turning to gratefulness turning to exasperation turning to overwhelmed turning to calm contentedness turning back to euphoria..

cutting a lot of fat from my life. by fat i mean people. i’m tired of humouring everyone. i’m not turning MEAN -as opposed to being mean, i am simply cutting ties and eliminating  room for complication and anger.

it feels good. 

today was eric’s first day back at his new job (sounds funny but it’s true). his forehead is so smooth as compared to 3 months ago he looks botoxed. there will be some second shift but a longer lifespan so that i can live with..

Martin Rath’s “Of the Dead”will be all over the German comicons this year, and my name is on that. in some small way i helped put that together, or at least, you know, helped dig up the acorn (substitute whatever analogy you like for that one). more info on that one as i get it, i’m gonna pimp the hell outta that zombie movie. it’s fucking awesome. oh, laverne, you make such a pretty corpse….

took my own author photo for the Book. set up the tripod outside the barn and clicked away with the timer. it makes it feel real.

tomorrow goes live with The Ides – i’ll post that link tomorrow, too!!

beth and i are talking with some others – The Others, that’s formal but personal, i like that – about putting together a zombie webzine. i think we can do it. more to come on that later, too…

this feels boastful and emotionally inadequate, i think it’s because i have green popsicle on the back of my left hand and am mainly calculating how long it will take for it to drip bewteen my fingers, and if i can finish this before it does – mainly i wanted to type this up fast to say hell yeah, 2011. i will work harder to deserve you.

it’s almost spring….