Strawberry Moon

Happy first day of summer! Happy full moon!


All of the things. ‘Gutted: Beautiful Horror‘ hit #1 in Hot New Releases and #2 in Horror Anthologies on its first day of pre-sale.  Tomorrow night I guest on a Noir on the Air episode of ‘Dames in the Dark‘ at 9pm. We’ve got the stories selected for the Summer edition of  Menacing Hedge, and go boldly into reading for Fall.  Pantheon Magazine’s ‘Hestia’ issue My son has one more week of baseball. My nephew is nearly here. There’s only one more episode of ‘Game of Thrones.’

‘Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will?’ at the Portsmouth Little Theatre wrapped up in a sea of love, tears and Fireball. My husband got a motorcycle. We just got back from vacation, where I met Chewbacca – who is just as sweet in person as he is in the movies! Also, not to jinx her because the day is not done (and on this, the longest day of the year, I may be tempting fate), my favorite little red hen Lauren (Bacall) has successfully navigated back and forth to the neighbors’ hen house without an automobile collision.

Howl at the moon, my lovelies. Throw away your shoes. Jump in deep, dark water. Summer is upon us!




I Assure You I’m Still Here

Things got busy.

Things ARE busy.

Life is good.

More articulate post later, it’s early in the day and plates are spinning (as Jaime -er, Craig Wallwork- would say). Here is a pictorial illustration of some of What I’ve Been Up To.



Menacing Hedge (Fiction Editor Furiosa)


Noir at the Bar, St. Louis in April with Jon Ashley , Scott Phillips, Jed Ayres, Greg Barth, Tim L. Williams & Joe Schwartz (look at me, bein’ the Only Girl – REPRESENT!)


“Gutted: Beautiful Horror” from Crytal Lake Publishing drops June 24th!!


‘Daddy’s Dyin, Who’s Got the Will?’ opens at The Portsmouth Little Theatre on Friday May 20th. Go to for tickets!

Suddenly it’s Summer and We’ve All Gone Insane!!


Booked. on Radium Girls, plus interview!

Robb & Liv talked about my booooook,  then had me on to talk about it. There’s a lot less discussion about writing than Billy Idol, but it works! And as far as the review part goes,  they’re not title experts. No matter what they say… I wish they’d let me be on every episode.





Turning 35 and unleashing Radium Girls

So it’s that time, and it’s official – RELEASE DAY!

Also, turned 35. Sunned myself like a lizard, colored with my kid, ate meatloaf from my mom shaped like “35”, my husband sang the birthday song and I blew out candles on a pecan pie. It’s been a helluva day. Looking forward to the weekend, too. Going hiking with the man and kid before t-ball tomorrow.

it’s only 10pm, technically I’ve only been 35 for like an hour. But the onLy sign of age I seem to feel is that “HOO-boy! It’s LATE…” 10pm knee-jerk reaction in my head and bones.

I’ll take my booklight and slink off to bed soon. If you want a copy of the book, it’s linked below. If you don’t that’s cool, too. The response so far has been amazing, and holding the green and gold glowing baby is all i ever wanted.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought Radium Girls, and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

The night is full of toads and lightning bugs, the honeysuckle is blooming. Fill your lungs before you climb between your sheets. It’s a beautiful world.












I am not Betty Draper

About once a month my brain goes psychotic and begins punching itself in an effort to make me into what one small, strange, part of my unconscious thinks I should be.

Namely, the housewife in all the ads from the 1950s and 1960s. Or as an even better example, one that makes a lot more sense to me: Franka Potente after her lobotomy in American Horror Story: Asylum.

i look around at my house, I see there is dust, and there are toys, and I have an organizational system based on the same schizophrenic filing system I use to organize my Brain-Stuff. There is no rhyme or reason to the way things hang on the walls. I’ve woven Halloween decorations into everything. The bathroom has no color scheme at all. The kitchen table is covered with gloves, puzzle pieces, magazines and a jar of assorted aquarium marbles, with a few crayons thrown in for good measure.

So here’s the confession:

I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to being a Housewife, Decorator and Housekeeper. I think there must be some sort of system involved, some system where I sort of stand in curlers and chainsmoke until I’ve identified the next step to Domestic Neatness and Shiny Household Bliss.

And here’s the second confession:

Deep in my heart of hearts, I don’t care. There are always clean clothes, and clean dishes, and the play and eating surfaces are sanitary, it’s safe to put your face on the floor, the bedclothes are always clean even if the beds go unmade. I make supper most nights, i pack lunches for my husband and kid. The largest part of me realizes that it’s awesome that I’ve got this stuff covered.

SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?? How do I shut off the dumb part that’s kicking me for not having everything all shiny and pretty for…whom?? Would anyone I care about judge me for the Lego house on the floor or the  unmade beds or the lack of…doilies? No. I’m going to write instead of dust on a free afternoon. I’m going to play dominoes with my kid instead of organizing the magazines and mail. I’m going to watch Sherlock instead of painting the bathroom. And if my son asks me to hang a picture up on a certain place on the wall, or to leave his Christmas tree up all year round, I will.

Help me make peace with this! It’s January, winter doldrums anyway, and I’m judging myself pretty harshly for not keeping our household in a more conventional manner. To help me get past this, I’m exposing myself. I’m exposing what things look like, how “unclean” I am. Because seriously, I need to get past this.


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