Allow Me to Buy Your Love with Free Books in Honor of Sunshine!

Last night I discovered two things:

1. Goodreads has an author stats page thingie

2. LOTS of people have Radium Girls marked on their “To Read” shelves.

So! The only thing to do is come up with a plan to gently shove Radium Girls over to allllll the “Currently Reading” shelves. Summer is coming. There’s no reason my glowing green baby shouldn’t be on your tablet or in your tote bag, ready and waiting when you reach for some good words.


In honor of so many well-intentioned readers, and the upcoming One Year Birthday of Radium Girls, I talked to my lovely friend and publisher Mike Gonzalez, and…

Here’s the Plan

From May 5th through June 5th we shall hand out e-books like candy. As a show of good faith and even better intentions, all you need to do is TAG ME in a photo of ANY OTHER copy of a paper publication I’ve been in that you already have in your possession. Doesn’t matter where – post in the comments here, or tag me or Thunderdome Press on Facebook, or Twitter: @mandajoon (me) or @monkeywright (Mike Gonzalez) or @ThunderDomeMag (the Press), or on Instagram: @mandajoon (me). I don’t care if it’s actually even a pic of you with RG, we’ll still collect your email address and give you an ebook to pass on to someone else!

Here’s the List

Post a pic of ANY of the following with a tag:


Burnt Tongues

Radium Girls

The Booked. Anthology

Cipher Sisters



Warmed and Bound

And! When that giveaway is over it’ll officially be my birthday and we’ll give away some paperbacks, too! And and! There will be a 4-day Free Radium Girls for Kindle weekend. I want these stories in your hands!

Last year when we were getting Radium Girls together I really didn’t want to do any…um, well, promotional work, so I didn’t blurb-hunt or really advertise or whatever, but since the release I’ve gotten a lot of cool reviews and whatnot, so I’ve collected that and shall put it here, in a “Don’t Take My Word for It” section:

Praise for Radium Girls:

“These stories glow in the dark.”
– Craig Clevenger, author of The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria

“I loved it, that’s for damned sure. Radium Girls is a great book.”
– Benjamin Whitmer, author of Pike and Cry Father

“Her work exists in the rarified air only found at high altitudes…Gowin unfolds a series of portraits of exquisitely flawed and powerful characters.”
– Kelly Boyker, author of Zoonosis, editor of Menacing Hedge

“Gowin is the tornado, lifting the flotsam of society and spinning it around and around until it lands just south of Kansas where magic and colour are just beyond reach.”
– Craig Wallwork, author of The Sound of Loneliness and Quintessence of Dust

“Radium Girls puts beauty in places you probably shouldn’t find it and makes the reader question the norms they’ve come to accept.”
– Livius Nedin and Robb Olson, The Booked. Podcast

May your Spring and Summer be be full of sunshine and words. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


Turning 35 and unleashing Radium Girls

So it’s that time, and it’s official – RELEASE DAY!

Also, turned 35. Sunned myself like a lizard, colored with my kid, ate meatloaf from my mom shaped like “35”, my husband sang the birthday song and I blew out candles on a pecan pie. It’s been a helluva day. Looking forward to the weekend, too. Going hiking with the man and kid before t-ball tomorrow.

it’s only 10pm, technically I’ve only been 35 for like an hour. But the onLy sign of age I seem to feel is that “HOO-boy! It’s LATE…” 10pm knee-jerk reaction in my head and bones.

I’ll take my booklight and slink off to bed soon. If you want a copy of the book, it’s linked below. If you don’t that’s cool, too. The response so far has been amazing, and holding the green and gold glowing baby is all i ever wanted.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought Radium Girls, and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

The night is full of toads and lightning bugs, the honeysuckle is blooming. Fill your lungs before you climb between your sheets. It’s a beautiful world.










The Beloved Demon Turns Six….



Shutter Speed

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Photo of the Year, 2012

it’s early in the year to be making this claim, but i’m fairly certain nothing is going to beat this. give it your best shot, Reuter’s and National Geographic.

by Jordan Ariel

Birthday Month (plus photos)

there have been almost 70 posts on the kid’s Birthday Wall, including videos and photos, and he is now pretty sure he’s the most beloved person on the face of the planet.

February is pretty much his month. We went to the aquarium on the actual day of his birthday, and though he’s been on the verge of succumbing to a full-on winter cold (we’ve all been teetering for weeks, it seems) there was still fun and starfish-petting and even a little bike-riding. More pictures of his subsequent grandparent parties later. For now: Aquarium!!

And thank you to everyone who has posted on the Birthday Wall. Especially to Boden (we’ve watched Octopadi FOUR HUNDRED TIMES), Sean (the cry “Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!” was a novel idea to this chld and he repeated it streaking like a demon through the house many, many times) and eddy (came through with the Gaga!).

This cold, COLD sunday morning we have snow, four pairs of cardinals just outside the window, the most horrible movie in the world (the Care Bears Movie), a sleeping devil cat and a floor full of matchbox cars….


Birthday Wishes NEW PLAN!!

all right, surprise surpirise, i gave up on the Gaga thing as it takes TIME to be ont twitter and you can’t will something to go viral.

NEW PLAN: i created a FB page Public Event for the kiddo’s birthday, the PAGE being the event, where anyone and everyone can hit ‘attend’ and then wish him happy birthday or post a cute or funny photo – he’ll be incredibly thrilled by this! the plan is to start showing him the page tomorrow, and let him click Like on each and every birthday wish from today through the 20th. he’s an awesome kid and thinks that computers are magic (as they are) and will get a HUGE kick out of this, i promise. so click on over to this link if you are so inclined:!/events/262859440452388/

can you say no this face???


Adam Loves Gaga and It’s Almost His Birthday

i know this is going to sound stupid and I DON’T CARE. my kid has asked for lady gaga to come to his birthday party the last two years, convinced that somehow MAYBE she’ll get some free time and intuit his very real love for her and come. there’s no reason for me to NOT get all over twitter and post links of him and photos of him expressing Gaga love and trend #adamlovesgaga in an attempt to get her to somehow see any of these tweets and send him a birthday message.

so, for the happiness of a kid that is AT THIS MOMENT listening to Gaga (his girlfriend that lives on the moon, he calls her), for his birthday, if any of you can find it in your very large hearts to retweet these links and this message and help me trend this and tag it to @ladygaga also, i would very much appreciate it. my twitter is “@mandajoon”

this was a very weird/difficult post to make. “help me get lady gaga to tell my son happy 4th birthday.” it’s a strange request. so have mercy on me and HELP. his 4th birthday is February 6th, so we have 3 weeks!!!

❤ amanda

Happy Birthday, My Love!!!


happy birthday, marilyn

Happy Birthday, Lou Reed


there were nuthatches on the birdfeeder when we woke. that’s the best thing i’ve seen in a long time…

things are coming awake. i’m coming awake. eric is coming awake. adam is… well, poor thing is benefiting from the end of hibernation.

job change on the horizon for mi esposo very soon, his eyes are bluer and he sleeps better as a result. and i sleep better as a result. and adam sleeps better as a result of the bluer eyes – if daddy is happy, adam is happy.

yesterday was library storytime, there was a valentine’s day party. i had my first taste of primal animal protectiveness when i left him in an entirely different room on a rug with 15 strange children. he is large. he is grown up. he attends storygroups. he gets valentines from little girls, in a little paper sack covered with stickers and his name written on it in magic marker. he gets approached by little girls from the group in mcdonald’s. little girls with blond hair dart from unknown places to tell my son hello.

seriously, at one point he didn’t have teeth, i swear.

birthday party on sunday. i forgot to send the invitations, i’ve been frantically soliciting RSVPs via email. looks like i squeaked by again, everyone seems to be coming.  what a fiasco the party will be- i hate this sort of thing. oh well. not about me.  adam will have an awesome time – there’s a “bouncy bean” so it’s bound to be a success.

taken some rejections, they sting less and less. my confidence grows. got a non-answer from a lady whose opinion meant more than the story rejection that came moments after her email, and i was able to read the rejection with a huge smile and a “what the hell do you know?”  attitude.


and on the heels of that horrible language, here are some photos adam took this week on his playskool camera:


eric’s birthday & adam’s letter to santa (photos)