The Girl Who Played With Fire vs. The Girl Who Played With Fire

since i last posted about Lisbeth vs. Lisbeth in celluloid, i’ve of course read all the books. so this is Book vs. Swedish film version of Fire- actually, just advice to Fincher when he tackles it:

1. no need for the graphic lesbian sex, it’s gratuitous considering how much plot simplification and condensation is done to make this fit in the parameters of film.

2.i liked that there was an absent Lisbeth during the entire sequence of events surrounding the murders, i liked being confused and not understanding her involvement if any. keep that. i never once questioned her innocence or connections in this film, and i think its largest weakness is the rapidity in which the catalyst for the entire story is treated. this should be a huge KABAM! instead of a small plot point.

3. cast the big dude from Legion and The DaVinci Code (Paul Bettany) as Lisbeth’s half-brother. he’d be perfect.

i’m only halfway through the film, now. i may be back with more advice, Mr. Fincher. Thanks for asking.


EDIT: you know what, nevermind. just leave it alone. this is Hannibal to Silence of the Lambs – half the characters, oversimplified plot, and the cripple was a HUGE disappointment. Zalachenko’s bad scar make-up effects were as disappointing as Mason Verger/Gary Oldman in a moving chair instead of bedridden and without eyelids. stay away, Mr. Fincher and Miss Mara. your remake was lovely, but take the rest of the Swedish trilogy movies (and the elimination of Margot Verger) as a cautionary tale…


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