Adam Loves Gaga and It’s Almost His Birthday

i know this is going to sound stupid and I DON’T CARE. my kid has asked for lady gaga to come to his birthday party the last two years, convinced that somehow MAYBE she’ll get some free time and intuit his very real love for her and come. there’s no reason for me to NOT get all over twitter and post links of him and photos of him expressing Gaga love and trend #adamlovesgaga in an attempt to get her to somehow see any of these tweets and send him a birthday message.

so, for the happiness of a kid that is AT THIS MOMENT listening to Gaga (his girlfriend that lives on the moon, he calls her), for his birthday, if any of you can find it in your very large hearts to retweet these links and this message and help me trend this and tag it to @ladygaga also, i would very much appreciate it. my twitter is “@mandajoon”

this was a very weird/difficult post to make. “help me get lady gaga to tell my son happy 4th birthday.” it’s a strange request. so have mercy on me and HELP. his 4th birthday is February 6th, so we have 3 weeks!!!

❤ amanda


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