i got a booklight

i have all these photos i want to post, from memorial day and the last trip to dollstar and from my birthday weekend, but i’m too sleepy and am crawling off to bed soon – fuc the matchbox cars all over the floor – and i have decided to talk instead for a moment about how excited i am about the booklight i got at barnes & noble.

it is the same shade of pink as my netbook – where i keep all my brain drippings (or gravy, if you will, tasty tasty grey gravy) – and i got it on my birthday, the first day adam was brave enough to go up and own the escalators over and over by himself. i stood before a row of booklights; overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of reading while prone, with a dr. seuss book under one arm, the back of my neck sunburnt, my husband and son going up and down on the escalators – and i was very comfortable in my own skin and realized that there is a very good chance i might feel that way for a good while.

it is a lovely book light, and i am having a lovely life.

here is one photo, just one, then off to bed:



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