Blink-Ink Issue # 7

incredible news to begin the summer!!

the editors at Blink-Ink pulled one of my Blink Noir submissions to use in their July issue, Issue #7. i’m a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY GIRL!!!!

for info or to order or subscribe (for 5 bucks A YEAR), here’s the site:

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! i’ll also be appearing in this issue with Mr. Richard Thomas, who is all over this place AND doing the frontispiece writing (foreward/introduction) for Blink Noir, which will be coming out around the same time.

one more time – HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!






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  1. kellyth2011
    May 30, 2011 @ 22:36:03

    Congratulations! I’d never heard of Blink-Ink until your post then I checked out their website. Looks like a great opportunity for fans of flash fiction. Best of luck with your writing.


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