stories & starfish

i’ve been a busy, busy bitch. at the moment i have stories submitted to the following: Black Clock, Juked, Avery, Camera Obscura, Dark Sky and PANK. probably all way out of my league but i’ve been advised to stop dicking around and aim higher…

applied for a job back at the saddle shop. it’s a coin toss as to whether they hire me (again) – i’m not reliable and may quit at any moment, but while i’m there i’ll sell the shit out of thousand dollar saddles and accessories. in other words, if beth is in charge of hiring i don’t have a shot, if jerry is in charge of hiring i’m back tomorrow.

mom got back from florida last night, she brought back starfish that had washed up on the beach after the storm – i would never tell her they could’ve lived, that they had a chance, if she’d just have left them or tossed them back. she would be as horrified as i am by them. they’re drying under bricks on the picnic table in her backyard. one of them is PURPLE. it’s insanely beautiful. my mother murdered a purple starfish. 

adam will be 3 a week from today. i don’t even know what to say about it. he’s tall and strong and beautiful, he’s quirky and a little evil and all perfect. when i see him take off in his star wars underoos through the house, howling with near-naked freedom, it’s hard to remember he began as a post-coital conversation within earshot of the ocean. i can’t take credit for that kid. no one can take credit for their kids – they’re self-made. i can feed him and read him One Fish Two Fish and explain every night during “Gypsy” what the word ‘gauzy’ means, but mainly i can just watch in awe.

the sun has reappeared. i’ve gained 7 pounds. eric is in love with me every day. my son is happy and healthy. things are pretty damned good.

brief whoring for some fellow workshoppers, should anyone wade through the personal cheese to the end of this blog:

Pela Via, working on 31 throwaways for her birthday:

Richard Thomas, supporting the shit out of me and taking the time to give some advice, has a story in Shivers VI along with Stephen King – his blog is linked to the right, “What Does Not Kill Me.”

Chris Deal introduced me to the works of Charles Dodd White, and also he loves zombies and has stories all over the fucking place:

Charles Dodd White is just plain amazing. i’ve read every story i can find. i know his voice, i love his voice. he is here:

i’ll get around to more as i go along, and as i find them – 4 is a good number for one post i think.

OH AND ME!!!  on tuesday – i’ll be there with ‘Fever.’ but i’ll be spamming that on tuesday… click over now, all… 2? 3? people maybe that look at this? i could just say: hey eric, angela and heather: if you click to the site now, there are some great stories up already by some fellow workshoppers as well as others.

read, people. turns out there’s tons of stuff to read…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. st00ge
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 08:37:22

    I sent out some stories too, that’s cool. I sent one to McSweeney’s, that’s kind of a big one. It’s addictive, it makes me want to write more stories.


  2. manda lynn
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 09:37:28

    me, too. i didn’t know rejection could be such a motivating factor 🙂


  3. st00ge
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 09:05:22

    Haven’t received any response yet, much less a rejection. Not looking forward to it.


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