tuesday night pleasantries

sometimes not finding sleep on a weeknight post-coitus turns into lonely internet rambling that underscores middle of the night Loneliness with a tinge of Melancholia, especially if your feet are bare and it’s november –

other times you wake up to an email from a friend you’d feared lost just after finding, a horoscope that says it might be okay to be a little two-faced (or double-sided like a coin, if you prefer), and discovering your grinning mug and that of your sister’s in a few photos (5,6,11) on the website of a lovely philosopher met on a lovely spring day: http://www.zentennyson.com/default.html  – i’ll link that in here permanently so angela and heather can more easily find it 😉

my return to bed will be to sleep. this brief interlude of wakefulness has proved fortifying as opposed to alienating thanks to andrea, rob breszny & frank tennyson ❤

p.s. amy has a picture of her own hand holding a FIVE leaf clover – i know it’s real because i recognize her thumb. it’s preposterous!


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