the car is full of  balloons for adam’s big-boy-wearing-underpants semi-party. yellow cake, brown candles…. he’ll love it. he slowed down long enough to talk to me on the phone this morning for about 15 seconds, he was teaching Papa his numbers (apparently it’s the craziest thing in the world that my dad doesn’t know his numbers, so my kid has appointed himself tutor – love my dad for that) and didn’t really have time for a break from his lessons. we’ll have a hard time getting him home tonight, especially once he’s full of cake and ice cream.

the sky is flat grey. my organs are doing battle with each other, i think. there’s the feeling of jostling around for space. my eyeballs and brain seem to want the same space in my head. it’s the sky, i think. and bad sleep forever. and ever and ever. as soon as the sky breaks open i’ll start breathing normally again.

bellah is really starting to show. i am getting preposterously excited about a litter of illegitimate puppies…. maybe i should just put ribbons around their necks and hand them out as gifts to family members – mwahahaha. a fat black puppy with a red ribbon. nothing is cuter. 

no ending for this. being more promiscuous with my stories, just handing them out whenever someone shows interest. nudity.

balloons. cake. ice cream. grey sky. saturday.

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