..have laid eggs in my neck just under my chin, and they hatched and have made their way into my throat, there’s really no other explanation for the way i feel. if i sneeze they’ll fly everywhere, floating on romantic gossamer threads, or if i open my mouth too wide they’ll run out, bridging the gap betwen my tongue and stomach with one little hop before scattering – or perhaps turning around very abruptly and rushing right back i, under my fingernails, into my ears…..

give me cold pills and a sitter. i need to lie down and focus on tilting my head back so there’s room to breathe through the knot of spiders in my esophagus.

in something completely different, i think i get to do something really cool and subversive, providing i don’t fuck it up by continuing to miss phone calls. i BELIEVE i have the wolf role in a Red Riding Hood shoot with Tim Kruskamp AKA Silent Shudder Photography – and either way, look at some of this shit, it’s incredible. here’s some free advertising for ya, to all 2 of the poeple who look at this blog:



 photo by Tim Kruskamp

   Silent Shudder Photography

  pictured: Serina Ruggeri


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