just like that….

it’s dried up. 2 half-finished short stories and a chunk of an old zombie serial begging for condensation, and i’ve forgotten how to do it all over again. all i want to do when i can’t sleep is watch old marlon brando movies or the investigation discovery channel programming about the MYTH that there are no female serial killers with my head tilted like the RCA dog, and if i do sleep it’s flipping and in short bursts, dreaming puck dropped out of glee club or eric has 4 very fat girlfriends and i don’t understand if it’s their very averageness that’s drawn him to them….

this morning is gorgeous and rainy and everything is humming white noise – adam woke up with a cowlick shaped like the perfect mohawk and i refuse to tame it. he’s as groggy as i am, it’s this wonderful rain. staring into the wall holding a spoon over his rice krispies,  and i asked “whatcha thinkin bout?” he blinked and said “oh, just pictures. and a lamp.”

otherwise things are going swimmingly. syncing back up with my much milder version of stanley kowalski – at least that’s how i demonize/idealize him. stewie (as i demonize/idealize my son) has finally decided to be Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas for halloween. he’s VERY excited about the ghost puppy idea which was his very own. the weekend was full of sunshne and horror movies and a 4hr coffee episode with a soon-to-be closer friend, and new red chucks for the little man.

i miss eric. i miss mi hermana. we’re watching nightmare before christmas right now, and have been playing finger puppets with a jack-o-lantern and a witch – the pumpkin has an unexplainable cockney accent and makes fart noises when he kisses, and the witch cackles a lot like my son.

this became a disjointed ramble. i need a 3rd cup of coffee and to calculate the weather this weekend – the zoo is having “events” and WE WANT TO GO.

this time of year should be frozen. colored trees, sweet decomposition smell, 70 degrees, pumpkins and skeletons everywhere, just a week before the climax of fall that is halloween…..


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