october gaining speed…

last evening was one of those really vivid ones, the ones you know you’ll remember. usually the light tells me – in certain light, i get that very clear “i will remember this” feeling, and can feel a postcard memory crystallizing.

it was everything. adam in brown stripes running on the lawn after a blue nubby football eric won for him at the apple festival. the light had a 6 o-clock slant and the llamas danced as though national geographic cameramen crouched behind the fences. sun on our faces. started with just the two of us, i held the football lucy-style and he ran at it repeatedly, sometimes missing the kick all on his own and falling flat, only to pop up and retreat half the yard away to try again. he can KICK. eric emerged from a nap to water the horses around the same time mike’s truck rumbled up, and soon it was the four of us in the yard – taking turns holding the football and chasing it after the kick, trajectory unpredictable.

we cheered and ran and passed and kicked and made an odd group of football players chasing an aquamarine football.  mike in his overalls and cap and bounding yellow dog, eric half-asleep at first and smiling, adam’s cheeks red, overjoyed. for a half hour or seven hours, the horses watched at the fence and adam took his meandering runs – stopping to kiss the dog sometimes, or throw in a dance move –  and the sun was warm and he kicked far.

i retreated to sit on the front steps for a moment near the box of sidewalk chalk, the tree i’d sketched imprinting onto my jeans, and knew i would remember, reverse deja vu. crackly grass and scattered leaves, the light on half of each face alternating. my sunglasses felt like camera lenses, old super 8 home movies crackling straight into my brain.

purple prose – but a thousand blinks on the evening of thursday, october 7th, 2010 will be representative of this entire fall, i believe…


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