sunday morning

eric and adam have gone to chilli for a heating pad for Sam I Am’s terrarium. terarrium? i go with terrarium. anyhow that leaves me with a lovely free hour, which i’ll waste beautifully on a cup of coffee, facebook, and a jack the ripper forensic analysis special on the science channel.

the hummingbirds are tapering off….. the only thing that makes me sad to see august end. they’ll begin to migrate if they aren’t on the road already. i have a favorite, i look for her every morning and have way too many pictures of her. haven’t seen her the past two days, but the feeders are being shuffled to accomodate fewer birds so she just might not like the arrangement. i thought i saw her look in the front window yesterday morning, but that could’ve been any hovering bird.

eric got me a white’s tree frog, i am incredibly happy. his name is Sam-I-Am, he is very green, and looking at his face, i’m positive he’s actually a girl…. i say “he” until i’ve been looking a few minutes then unconsciously begin to say “she” – there hasn’t been a thorough examination, there’s a settling process.

eric just called – petland doesn’t open for another hour, he and adam are in kroger’s shopping and killing time. adam jumped up and down and squealed and ran into eric’s arms, he was so excited and surprised at the idea of taking off with daddy unexpectedly. that spontanaiety makes up for the super-planning super-packing of excursions with me….

yesterday was eric’s company party, it was hot and generally miserable but there was a very small train so adam was happy. he got to eat doritos and drink lemonade and ride the train over and over. he is sunburned across his nose this morning, he looks like a little tree sprite.

i don’t have a good closing. just pictures:


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