August In General

i have decided to stop hating august on general principal. number 1, this doesn’t feel like august. it blended very smoothly into the end of july so as to not even expose itself. two, many end of july/beginnning of august things have been very nice – the online magazine, toledo with amy, the upcoming new JOB (all capitals because i approach with a sense of trepidation) and thousands and thousands of hummingbirds.

the hummingbirds own this place, not us. and as long as they are here it will feel lush as opposed to yellow and tired and dry, which is how august usually feels.

adam has reached a whole enw level with his dancing. last evening he danced on his car rug until he was a sweaty mess, to pink and gwen stefani and usher and coaxed us to dance with him. we had to stop him, he would never stop on his own. he has MOVES. attitude. abandon. he’s spectacular.

the bugs are extra loud. that’s like august. but the trees are still very green, the grass is not yet dry.

i am reading Henry & June and this whole blog/photo journal idea may be based entirely on diary-reading. i needed a break from the minimalists and the mathmeticians, i needed to stop thinking about structure for awhile and just read thoughts and acts as they flowed naturally.

it’s 10:17am, there goes the rooster.

i need a haircut and to paint my nails, to text amy and andrea, to do my eyebrows and buy some heels. lancome. hmm. eric says to think of it as a trial as opposed to permanent, that this is a luxury, something i WANT to do as opposed to HAVE to, and if i don’t like it i can quit, it’s that easy. i love him. he loves me. i will go back to selling mascara and smiles for awhile, if i feel myself going insane, i will get out earlier than i did last time.

there’s a box on the kitchen table for christine, a styrofoam head on the counter for morey. at some point i have to say FINISHED!!! and tape the boxes shut and haul them to the post office. i may send Henry & June to christine, she may have to wait another week. and that damned head – mailing glass and marbles and sttrofoam and plants – in the future i will only tell people about packages i am sending them once they have been MAILED. there’s brain fabric for shana’s pin cushion with no stitches in it, i believe i last mentioned that memorial day….

this morning adam says “it’s NOT dangerous, it’s cooooool.” i disagree. gravity disagrees.


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  1. Christine
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 11:36:06

    Yes, Send the packages 🙂


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